The Spas you need to try out in Brielle

In the hectic life that we face nowadays, we all need to wind down and take a break. Who doesn’t like to get pampered and relaxed while people around you do all the work for you?

That is why we suggest that you take a break from the long working hours and busy, hectic routine to check out the spas that are all for you in and around Brielle.

Brielle being the small town in New Jersey is a part of Monmouth County. It lies near the river Manasquan and gives you scenic views all throughout the year.

With these beautiful views and a relaxing day a spa you are sure to feel all our stress go away and you will feel considerably calmer and like a weight has been lifted.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be happy to be a part of your pampering day so that you don’t have to drive around and spoil the Mani-pedi that you just got.

We have gathered some of the best spas that you can check out and head down to them right away.


Heading down to Massage Girt, we suggest that you first make an appointment to avoid any mishap or waiting. The spa opens bright and early in the morning at 8 am. They offer you services like body massages, facial treatments, Chemical peels, LED light treatments and numerous other extravagant services that you are looking for. You can contact them and get to know about their services in details. Along with that credit cards are accepted and you get free Wi-Fi. They have a specialist at hand which will take utmost care of you and you will feel all relaxed.


It is one of the best spas in town. With numerous customer reviews, SenseAbilites comes on the top of our priority list. Appointments are necessary since there is always a wait for their best services. Their services include scrubs, brightening/lip/hand/facial treatments, Body massages, and whatnot. The services are very diverse and will cater to all your needs you can go for expert advice as well when it comes to your skin. The staff is super friendly and makes sure that you are comfortable.


This spa offers you massages, skin care, and a whole day spa. It opens in the morning at 9 am providing you services all day. They also have all the services you need to have a full pampered day to yourself or with your friends. They even offer membership with benefits that you can avail. Their feature massage is the warm stone massage which is a customer favorite. People recommend it the most and you should try it as well.


You need appointments to be at Milagro since it is one of the most popular spas in the area. The staff caters to all your needs to perfection and is ready to help you out in any way possible. They are famous for their massages. Along with a spa they have a gym as well at which you can get a membership. They even offer you haircuts and a diversity of other services as well.


Staying true to their name, @ease massage has the best massage experts in town who know their work. Once you get a massage done all the tension will leave your body and you will feel ultimately relaxed. Everyone here is super professional and friendly.

Wherever place you need to get to, let Exclusive Taxi and Car Service take you there. Contact us today.

What to Look Forward to in Brigantine, New Jersey

In one of the previous blogs, we have shared with you how beauteous and charming the town of Brigantine is. Being away from the hyped-up life yet being a part of it all due to its location, it makes it an ideal spot to be at for summers.

By being in Brigantine, New Jersey, you are able to enjoy two whole new environments. For more happening events, you can easily head around to the most well-known place to be at, Atlantic City, or just be around the town and enjoy the peaceful life.

If you are one of those people who would like to see the other side of being in Brigantine, New Jersey then we have some ideas of the places you need to be at and Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be one order away to take you to all those places.


Since Atlantic City is near to Brigantine, one can easily head down there and be the part of the events that are taking all over Atlantic City. Some of the events you can be a part of are:

  • Honda Super Meet: This event is for all the car lovers out there who are interested in looking any upgrade Honda is bringing to the market. Also, they give you a chance to bring out your cars and give you a spot on the show if your vehicle passes their standards. You need to register for this event so what are you waiting for? It takes place on 15th June 2019.
  • Fireworks: Lighting up the sky is what Atlantic City is best at, and it will continue to happen every Saturday all through the summer with its spectacular fireworks! It has numerous sponsors and will be happening right at the beach front. There would be food stalls and other various vendors for you on the ground while you can enjoy the fireworks which are taking place only for you.


Everyone needs to eat healthy and fresh! So why not get your hands on the freshest produces of the town from the farmers market? Not only produces, but there are also numerous local brands which make their products 100% organic and aim to stay environmentally friendly. There is a vendor with homemade everything. Whether it be jams or any kind of crafts, you can find it at the farmers market. They set up the market bright and early on every Saturday all through the summer so that you get the freshest produce right in the morning.


The beach is all about being with your family, and that is why Brigantine, New Jersey organizes a ‘Family Fun Day’ right at the Brigantine beach for the whole family. It is to take place on Saturday, 6th July 2019, starting at 4 PM. Its location will be 15th Street South and Revere Boulevard. You can get everything from rides to food all at one place with a diversity of other attractions as well. Also, there will be a fundraiser as well for the local community who help each other out at the time of need and for the other non-profits organizations.


Head down to the Atlantic City Boardwalk on 21st August 2019 to kick off the 17th Annual air show. This year the Air show features the Thunderbirds of U.S Air Force which will entrance you with their speed, and sound they make is just like thunder! You are in for the greatest show ever since there will be multiple performances as well. You will be able to see the U.S. Navy F18 Super Hornet, the Golden Knights Parachute Team, Jim Beasley Jr’s P51D Mustang Demonstration, and the GEICO Skydivers.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service will be happy to take you to any of these events and make sure that you reach on time to make your experience most fun and enjoyable, so contact us today.

The Benefits of Securing Car Service for a Business Trip

We all love to travel, visits to our favorite locales via plane, car, or train can bring us joy and relief from the everyday grind of what life has to offer each of us.

Sometimes, however, we are required to travel for business and not pleasure.  Those trips where there is a goal, we are seeking to accomplish by making the journey, and failure is usually not an option.

No matter what industry we currently work in, our modern business world usually requires some form of travel at one time or another in our career.

Whether it is sales related, possibly to present a new product line, or something else entirely, it is of great importance to you and your business.

When we think of travel in relation to business it can be quite challenging, the number of things that need to be accomplished while away.  It can often leave stress and anxiety in its wake.

Thankfully there is something you can do to make your business trip run a little bit smoother for you and everyone else involved.

You can decide on business travel car service.  This ensures that you and others who are traveling can relax and focus on what lies ahead within your business sector.  Traffic, delays, accidents, driving, fueling up, and the like are left to professionals so that you can keep your professional morale up for the trip.

All the details can be left to trained, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals who make this their business career.  Not to mention that you can travel stress-free knowing that someone else is handling this part of the journey. This will allow you and your group to possibly get some much-needed rest and relaxation prior to whatever the plans are, conference, meeting, presentation, etc.

Often the success of business trips comes from what happens in the moments, minutes, or hours prior to the event.  By using a car service for your business transportation needs, you are ensuring that all the business details of your trip are a success instead of a failure.

With skilled professionals handling all your business needs you can count on them getting you to your destination.  Reliability and dependability are a top priority. A car service offers on-time service that gets you where you need to go fast and efficiently, from an understanding staff that knows how valuable your time is to business and getting the job done.

Customer service staff that is there to help you when you need it most, whether the booking is tomorrow or 3 weeks from now they will handle each detail with expertise and knowledge.  They are there for you to answer any and all questions as well as offer details, information on changes or flight details so that you don’t have to juggle it all.

While traveling to your next destination, whatever aspect of business you are in, traveling by professionally-driven car sets a certain tone and gives off a delightful appearance.  It conveys how professional you and your staff are, dedicated to getting it right the first time.

So the next time you go on a business trip, book a ride with Exclusive Taxi & Car Service.

Check out the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor is a small town in New Jersey which attracts you with its charm of being equipped with everything from having shopping malls, restaurants and numerous places to check out. You even get to be at scenic beaches, plan bonfires, get to party on yachts and boats. Along with that, you get access to all of the water activities you can imagine. Stone Harbor becomes the perfect place to have a fun-filled summer without the crowds. (more…)

Why It’s a Good Idea to Take a Taxi to the New Jersey Shore

The New Jersey Shore and the beautiful Atlantic coastline offer amazing beaches and boardwalks all the way from Sandy Hook through to Cape May. Visitors and residents can enjoy over 127 miles of sandy beaches, made accessible by taxi cab services across Ocean County. Atlantic City is bustling with nightlife, venues, and casino’s, offering something for everyone that visits the area.

Traveling around Ocean County is better in a taxi, and here’s why:

It’s Faster to Travel by Taxi

When traveling through Ocean County, taxis are by far the quickest way to get around. Cabs can take shortcuts where necessary and can arrive to pick you up in seconds, or minutes. Also, we drop you right at the doorstep of your destination, so no time is wasted.

Drivers are Trustworthy

All of our taxi drivers are highly skilled and have years of professional driving experience. Our drivers take extensive training before they are permitted to work for the company. We also have plenty of drivers that are full of local knowledge; offering trusted recommendations when required.

Cabs are Comfortable

All taxis in our fleet have air conditioning and comfortable seats so that you can relax and stretch your legs. Closing the windows can seal out all the hustle and bustle of Ocean County while you remain calm and collected inside the cab. This is a far superior level of comfort to buses and trains.

No Parking Problems or Wear and Tear on your Vehicle

You won’t have to worry about circling trying to find a parking space if you opt for a taxi as your preferred mode of transport. You’ll also save mileage and wear and tear on your car.

Family-Friendly Personalized Service

If you travel by bus or train, you are just another face in the crowd. Taxis offer personalized service, you call the shots on time, location, vehicle, route, and stops along the way.

Additionally, you can take your whole family with you if you travel by taxi, and you know that your children will be safe, you’ll arrive on time, and nobody will end up getting left behind.

Call us now at 732-350-TAXI (8294) and book premium taxi or limousine hire service with the most reputable cab company in Ocean County.  Click here to book online.

What to do in Newark, New Jersey during a layover

Whenever you are traveling long distances or have chosen an airline which makes a necessary stop in between then layovers aren’t unknown to you. They are a part of Air travel which gives you an opportunity to check out the city you are at. (more…)

If you’re looking to take your life to a slower pace and want a getaway, then Exclusive Taxi and Car Service suggests that you head down to the Red Bank, which is one of the best small towns in New Jersey. Here life is slow yet full of charm. There is an ample amount of entertainment along with places to bask in art and nature.

It is located at the Navesink River and is a borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The town is a pit stop to all the transports going up and down the river, which makes it a hub of many of the entertainment scenes.

Red Bank is a town that offers you everything despite it being a small town. There is pretty much everything in the town vicinity.

Red Bank offers you:

  •         Boutiques
  •         Designer Stores
  •         Restaurants
  •         Shops of all kinds
  •         Parks
  •         Art galleries
  •         Bars
  •         Beaches
  •         River View
  •         Theater

You can not only visit all these places, but the townspeople make sure to organize various family events to be attended all through the summer, which are a must-attend if you are traveling to Red Bank.

If you are into Arts:

As mentioned previously, Red Bank has it all and that is why it houses the Monmouth County Arts Council, making it a place where all the artistic activity happens. There are various galleries and exhibitions to look at and even buy art. You can indulge yourself in all forms of art and please your eyes with the aesthetics of it all. You cannot only see paintings but a number of photographers put their skills up in the gallery as well.

Red Bank’s theater has hosted some well-known celebrities and they continue to perform to this day.

For Fishing Fanatics:

Since it is located on the river you know what that means? Fishing!

If you are a fan of fishing and taking a boat out, then Red Bank is the town for you as fishing, sculling, sailing and boating are pretty popular over here. There are numerous activities you can be a part of no matter what the season is since the county caters to its people on every occasion.

Also, there are Boat clubs and Marine Parks featuring a marine-themed playground, a boat ramp, a fishing pier, tennis courts, and a shuffleboard court. Along with that, there are basketball courts as well and ballfields too.

For Christmas:

If you are in Red Bank, New Jersey during the Christmas season, then we suggest that you check out Broad Street since we assure you that it will be decked out with extravagant Christmas decorations. You will be able to see all sorts of fancy lights and even blow-up gigantic dolls. There is even a Holiday Express.

On Independence Day:

Who doesn’t love fireworks on Independence Day? Just like every county and town, Red Bank also organizes a firework display called ‘KaBoomFest’ which takes place in Marine Park. Since it is a festival it has numerous stalls and even the local bands perform live for the huge crowd that gathers there.

New Year Celebrations:

For New Year, Red Bank organizes an arts and entertainment festival known as Jazz and Blues festival in which the people present or joining in are educated about an alternative to alcohol. Despite it being alcohol-free festival people enjoy it to the max and want to be a part of it.

Red Bank, New Jersey is a complete package year-round. No matter at what time you visit this small town you will be able to be a part of a community who loves to have fun and make your trip memorable.

Just book your ride from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service and we will make your travels easier. We know the routes and the best places to be at so just order and do away with your worries.