As the capital of the state of New Jersey, also once the capital of the US, Trenton holds significant importance for all Americans. It has many notable buildings and locations to visit along with even having a jail. 

Since Trenton is the state capital, it has everything from museums to libraries. There are several monuments which are scattered around Trenton for spreading awareness about the history of the US and its citizens. 

Due to its notable position in the US, people tend to visit Trenton for all that it has to offer. If you are planning to visit Trenton in the coming days, then you might want to check out the upcoming events in town. After you have spent time roaming around Trenton and have already looked at all the monuments, then these events might interest you. (more…)

Check Out the Laurita Winestock Food Truck Festival in New Egypt, NJ!

An exotic-named location right in the states, New Egypt in New Jersey is a community in Ocean County as the part of Plumsted Township. The community and the people of New Egypt are hospitable and socially active, taking part and having volunteer works within the society. Along with that, they promote vocational activists all year long, so that the community has a chance to come together several times. 

New Egypt has numerous perks, but what makes it popular and well-known among the people is the winery it houses. Previously a dairy farm, it has now turned into a winery under the name Laurita Winery. 

It has been open to the public since 2008 and continues to keep its doors open. It is due to the mentioned doors open policy that Laurita Winery organizes a festival every year!  (more…)


Long Beach Island is one of the most popular islands among the people the United States for its tourism and profitable real estate along with fun and enjoyable water activities, especially fishing. Over summers the number of people on the island is increased considerably giving way to a number of happenings and events taking place on the island itself.

One of the most worth it event taking place this summer are the shows scheduled to play on the stage of Surflight theater in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

This summer Mama Mia is coming to the Long Beach Island, New Jersey!

Based on the evergreen song recorded by a Swedish pop group ABBA, Mama Mia is a musical which has been performed on the stage for over 6000 performances. It is a timeless and longest-running jukebox musical that has been performed on Broadway stages in over 50 countries and continues to be performed to this day. Also, two movies have also been inspired by the same song.

Mama Mia is derived from Italian where it is used to express surprise or excitement.

It is loved by people of all ages, all over the world which keeps it in the trend to this date. Audiences are still willing to buy tickets and watch the performances while they enjoy other ABBA songs which continue to be hit to this day and are incorporated in the performances. The hits that are included in Mama Mia are:

  • Dancing Queens
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • SOS
  • The Winner Takes It All

Mama Mia narrates the hilarious yet enlightening journey of a young lady who is about to get married but is in search for her real father. The setting is on one of the most aesthetic paradises of Greek Island which makes the show bright and sunny throughout the tale. Multiple relations are featured during the voyage which creates a sort of web. You will be able to see the relationship between a daughter, her mother and three other males who are candidates for her possible father. This confusion is unfolded in the tale with ups and downs as a part of life, making Mama Mia a worthwhile and worth remembering experience.

Tickets vary is prices for adults and children of 12 and under. Adults above 12 have to $39 while the young ones have to pay $29 to buy their tickets. The show is actively performed on stage till 4th August at Surflight Theaters from 2 pm-4 pm. Another timing for the performance is at 8 pm which you can check out on the Surflight’s website.

Make sure to grab your tickets before the last date and avail the chance to view the dancing and singing extravaganza Mama Mia is!

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Another township of Ocean County, Toms River is a popular township due it being as one of the safest towns and also since it has been featured in some of television productions and movies. Throughout the year, several events are organized for charity and for the entertainment of the residents and the people who are visiting the town.

The events organized by the community are sure to be family-friendly so that people of all ages and from all walks of lives are able to be a part of it and play a role in making the event successful.

The two events you can sure to look forward to are some of the most fun-filled ones. They will definitely brighten up your day and your mood since they promise food, dancing, and puppies.

1. Free Salsa and Bachata Group Class and Dancing at Margaritas Restaurant

Mark your calendar for first the Friday of the month and head down to the Margaritas Restaurant located in Toms River, New Jersey, where a night of food, dancing, and fun awaits you.

Start your weekend and your month by partying into the night since on the first Friday of every month. You can be a part of the Salsa and Bachata group class from 9-10 PM where people gather to learn the dance moves along with some people showing off their skill with the steps they already know or have learned previously. If you are a Latin, you will definitely fit right in and awe the people present with your moves.

You can even reach to the restaurant early to grab a bite or a proper dinner and a couple of pre-dance class drinks for some liquid confidence.

2. Puppy Kindergarten

This event is for all puppy and dog owners out there. If you have a dog who is 6 months old or younger then the Puppy Kindergarten is an event you need to attend. It is an organized training class for the puppies at Dalia’s Doggie Rehab by Best Friends Dog training who are experts when it comes to training dogs.

This class is for teaching basic beginner skills such as basic house manners. The trainers will guide you for the vet visits. Also, you can ask any other questions that you like as well and they will be happy to guide you.

This event is on a sessional basis which proceeds for seven-week, beginning on 12th August 2019. For each session, you will have to pay $175. The class starts at 6 PM in the evening.

The organizer also has other puppies-related events which you can check out where they teach other advanced tricks and manners.

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Brick, known as one of the safest cities in the United States, is a culmination of the mainland along with islands, which come together to be known as Brick Township. It is a part of Ocean County, New Jersey and receives several tourists year-round.

It is for the tourists and the residents that the community of Brick, New Jersey come together and organize multiple events and festivals over the year.

This summer, the Roman Catholic Church of Epiphany is set to welcome the residents of Brick, New Jersey and the tourists to its 19th Annual Italian Feast Festival, where all kinds of Italian cuisine are available.

It is free to all festival-goers, which means that there is no admission fee no matter what your age is. You can come and enjoy yourself while you fill your stomach with all sorts of delectable Italian cuisine.

The Italian festival is children friendly, so do not forget to bring the little ones along, since there will be a lot to keep you and the kids entertained along with tempting cuisines. 

The church promises that the festival will showcase all sorts of Italian delicacies which will leave you wanting more and more. Other than that, they offer a variety of entertainment which will make your day fun-filled.

The other activities they promise are:   

  • Games and arcade: There will be several games where you can try your luck and even win gifts. You can show off your skills and have a friendly competition with your friends.
  • Carnival rides: All the rides that you will find at any common fair will be present at the festival for adults and kids. You can even get yourself Pay One Price Wrist band for unlimited rides so that you don’t have to buy multiple passes for the rides.
  • More Vendors: Along with food vendors, there will be other vendors selling handmade jewelry, face painting, and other trinkets that you can buy.
  • Shows: You can also enjoy various small shows taking place around the festival like puppet shows.
  • Open gardens: Relax at the beer and wine garden while children are off on the rides or just roaming around the festival. You can grab your favorite drink and pair it with the finger-licking Italian cuisine.

The festival will take place  from August 15th to 18th, right on the church grounds.  Large crowds are always expected on weekends due to the free admittance, along with free parking and also due to the ample amount of food.

The timings of the festival are from 5 pm to 10 at night, which means hours of fun and entertainment.

So what are you waiting for? Plan the day out with your friends and family with the promise of lip-smacking Italian food.

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All the events you can be a part of in Middletown, New Jersey

Snuggled amidst numerous townships of Monmouth County, right next to Long Beach is the Middletown Township.

Middletown has one of that slow-paced life where you can be yourself and give yourself a break from all the hectic life that you may have. It offers you vast open spaces and easy direct access to the pristine sandy impeccable beaches with wild and tame horses roaming around. You can fish and avail all the water activities that you can think of. (more…)

Why You Should Choose Exclusive Taxi & Car Services For Your Wedding

So you’re finally getting married, eh? Let us offer you our heartfelt congratulations. Depending on how long you’ve been engaged, your wedding may be in the early planning stages, or you may have already selected a location for the ceremony and a venue for the reception, as well as the entertainment and catering.


Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in America, with numerous boroughs and counties which come together. One of these boroughs is Seaside Heights, which offers its residents and tourists a vast variety of activities to do and have fun at.

The community and people at Seaside Heights are welcoming and friendly so that you don’t feel alienated when in a new environment. They will guide you and even suggest you the best places to be at for your vacation or just for spending time at.

At Seaside Heights, you have a number of locations to visit to have a fun-filled day with your friends or family. All these locations are safe, secure and have impeccable infrastructure to ensure that there are no accidents.

One of these must-visit locations is Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark.

Its name is enough to have anyone excited. How cool it is to have a beach and waterpark so near together, just a street across from each other!

You get the fun free and natural part of the beach, while you can escape sand and the unpredictable beach by going to the waterpark, where there is an abundance of lifeguards at your service along with guides and staff to help you at every station.

There is an amusement park also located on the Casino Pier. With all the rides and attractions, it really is a complete package and a dream come true for any person who is looking for a fun-filled day with a long list of activities.

The amusement park is packed with a variety of arcade games, a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and other multiple rides.

If that’s not all and you want more then why not try completing their extensive 36-hole mini-golf course known as Smuggler’s Quay Adventure Golf Course.

To top it all off, for your empty stomach and satisfy the appetite that you will gain from going around the place, Casino Pier offers you a diversity and variety of food stalls which you can check out and fill your stomach according to what you are craving. You can also grab snacks and drinks from the stalls that are scattered all around the property.

If you are making up your mind on which rides to choose we have some suggestions:

For kids, you can try:

  • Go-Karts; they have cars for all sizes so that there is no age limit. The karts they provide have two seats so that any young one can be with an adult at all times.
  • Dizzy Dragons; A family ride with 6 dragons for kids and adults alike if you are looking for ending up with a dizzy head.
  • And other variety of rides and games for children so that they don’t get bored.

For the thrill seekers:

  • Super Slide
  • Superstorm
  • Sky coaster
  • Shore Shot
  • Hydrus Roller Coaster
  • And many more.

If you just want to have a view of the whole place in one go while relaxing and enjoying the breeze then we suggest that you try Sky Ride.

As for the waterpark, you can try:

  • Revolutionary Wild River
  • The Perfect Storm
  • Patriot’s Plunge
  • Two if by sea
  • The Harbor (Bringing you the beach waves minus the sand)

These are some of the attractions that we suggest you try while giving other numerous rides and attractions a chance as well.

If you need any help for getting around or find your way to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark then just book a taxi or car from Exclusive Taxi and Car Service so that we can help you solve all your travel problems.


A township in Ocean County which is known as the 13th largest municipality of New Jersey is what Bricks is known as. The town offers a variety and diversity of activities and places to be at making it a perfect tourist spot since it has it all within itself.