What to Look Forward to in Brigantine, New Jersey

What to Look Forward to in Brigantine, New Jersey

In one of the previous blogs, we have shared with you how beauteous and charming the town of Brigantine is. Being away from the hyped-up life yet being a part of it all due to its location, it makes it an ideal spot to be at for summers. By being in Brigantine, New Jersey, you […]

The Benefits of Securing Car Service for a Business Trip

We all love to travel, visits to our favorite locales via plane, car, or train can bring us joy and relief from the everyday grind of what life has to offer each of us. Sometimes, however, we are required to travel for business and not pleasure.  Those trips where there is a goal, we are […]

Check out the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor is a small town in New Jersey which attracts you with its charm of being equipped with everything from having shopping malls, restaurants and numerous places to check out. You even get to be at scenic beaches, plan bonfires, get to party on yachts and boats. Along with that, you get access to […]

Why It’s a Good Idea to Take a Taxi to the New Jersey Shore

The New Jersey Shore and the beautiful Atlantic coastline offer amazing beaches and boardwalks all the way from Sandy Hook through to Cape May. Visitors and residents can enjoy over 127 miles of sandy beaches, made accessible by taxi cab services across Ocean County. Atlantic City is bustling with nightlife, venues, and casino’s, offering something […]

What to do in Newark, New Jersey during a layover

Whenever you are traveling long distances or have chosen an airline which makes a necessary stop in between then layovers aren’t unknown to you. They are a part of Air travel which gives you an opportunity to check out the city you are at.

Exclusive Taxi and Car Service If you’re looking to take your life to a slower pace and want a getaway, then Exclusive Taxi and Car Service suggests that you head down to the Red Bank, which is one of the best small towns in New Jersey. Here life is slow yet full of charm. There […]

Fun Activities to Do In Brigantine, New Jersey

Away from the hustle and bustle lies one of the most peaceful, charming and scenic island city of Brigantine, New Jersey. It is a part of Atlantic County. It has a more serene environment since it is disconnected from all the other popular cities of New Jersey, taking you away from the crazy lifestyle. Being […]


Are you visiting Point Pleasant, New Jersey and looking forward to checking the town out? Wait, you are without a car? Well, stress not. Just book a rental from Exclusive Taxi and Car Services’ wide range of rentals and do away with your worries. Rentals are always a safer and more comfortable option. Most people […]