What to do when in Cape May, New Jersey

You will not find a more happening town than Cape May in all of New Jersey even if you searched. One thing or another is on a schedule in Cape May and you can be a part of it all.

Something is always happening in Cape May, especially the tourist months: June, July, and August.  Adults and children alike can enjoy fun activities to the fullest.

All you have to do is to visit Cape May at any time of the year and let loose.

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You are still undecided as to what to do in Cape May exactly? Well, we have some ideas for you.


Naval Air Station, Wildwood

If you are into airplanes, what is a better place to be at than the NASW?

You can view and be amidst historic airplanes, be amazed by their marvel and even get in-depth details about them.

This museum is a converted Hangar of the Cape May airport which was an active facility in WWII.

It has numerous engines of various planes along with aircraft and interactive displays as well. It even has a control tower which you can climb up to and try out simulator games and get the feel of being in a cockpit.

Children are sure to enjoy these interactions!

Other historic sites include:


  • Emlen Physick Estate

  • Fire Control Tower No.23

  • The Museum of Cape May County

  • and many more!


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Cape May is known for its abundance of beaches and each is better than the last. The beaches are all a piece of paradise here on earth. You can relax, chill out, go out for a swim, and do it all when at any of the Cape May Beaches. Not only there are fun activities, but there is also a diversity of food stalls and places to grab a bite at. There are bars present as well where you can grab drinks to cool off. Also, you are allowed to fish and get access to Volleyball nets.

Some beaches to definitely visit are:

o   Higbee Beach

o   Steger Beach

o   Poverty Beach

o   Sunset Beach

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Who doesn’t love cute animals and watching them around yourself? Children definitely do.

Then why not take your little ones to the Cape May County Zoo?

You can explore the wildlife to the fullest since Cape May County Zoo has a wide range of animals including giraffes and zebras, also there are also pink flamingos to look at.

You can even let your kids run wild in the playground and on the swings.

After visiting the zoo you can hit the South Cape May Meadows, the place where numerous birds rest while migrating. There are ponds, dunes, wetlands, freshwater bodies, and even a beach to appreciate.

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Top Restaurants to Visit in New Jersey

Traveling isn’t complete if you don’t jot down important places to eat at and the most popular foods to try. Like any other place in the world, the state of New Jersey adds its own little street food stalls, drive-throughs, and restaurants to the culinary finds which make exploring worth it for travelers and foodies. If you are driving around the states, especially New York and Philadelphia, and you want to treat yourself to something nice, then New Jersey is definitely worth stopping by for its cuisine. Here, we will touch upon some of the best restaurants in the Garden State and also those that are insanely popular with the locals so that you can get an authentic experience of New Jersey cuisine while you are there. Experience it as the New Jerseyans do.


1.    Town Hall Deli

The Town Hall Deli is situated in South Orange and has been operating since 1927. You might have heard of the popular Jersey-style sloppy joes. Town Hall invented them. The mouth-watering, two-stack high, double-decker sandwich with more than one kind of cold cut sandwiched between coleslaw, cheese, and Russian dressing. All of this goodness is packed inside freshly-made rye bread.

2.    Ai Sushi

Ai Sushi is particularly new and was opened when Jersey’s best sushi restaurant Shumi closed down. Its new owners reopened it under the name of Ai Sushi which definitely lives up to its history in terms of food quality. If you visit this restaurant, don’t forget to try the monkfish liver trio and the tonkatsu ramen.

3.    Big Mike’s

Like other restaurants in Jersey, Big Mike has its own rich history from before it was a restaurant. Since 1885, Big Mike’s Little Red Store was a revered general store which has now been converted into a quaint little soup and salad store. Whatever you try at Big Mike’s, don’t forget to have a generous helping of their signature ketchup.

4.    Jimmy Buff

Although the original has long closed, two Jimmy Buffs still exist in New Jersey and they sell the best deep fried hot dogs you will find. They make hot dogs on a roll instead of on a bun, filled with rich vegetables like bell peppers along with soft potatoes.

5.    Lefkes

Lefkes is visited by tourists and locals alike not just for its food but also for its ambiance. In Greek, Lefkes means “white”. It serves fish and Greek wine which go together seamlessly. The menu is composed of one of a kind cross-over dishes which every food enthusiast must try.

These are not the only restaurants popular in New Jersey. There are many others like Mud Hen, No. 12, The Fox & Falcon, Felina, and Salted Lime. Getting to these places can be a little difficult because they are scattered all over the Garden State in its different nooks and crannies. However, the Exclusive Taxi and Car Service takes care of travelers who are in new cities and don’t know their way about. And so that you can spend your wealth on food and sight-seeing, the Exclusive Taxi and Car Service is affordable.

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Gas Prices in New Jersey are Rising Again?

Beware you all who were thinking about traveling to New Jersey this summer since it is predicted that gas prices are on the rise again. Especially the prices and taxes on a gas station or a pump.

For a long time, New Jersey has had the lowest of the gas prices in comparison to the country, but now there is a steady rise to it. The prices are still lesser than the national average but they are predicted to reach that mark pretty soon.

The price which was previously $2.81 has increased five cents in just a span of a week in New Jersey.

Why this rise in prices?

Due to the increase of crude oil prices

Crude oil prices are on the high rise due to OPEC cuts also because of the demand. Prices fluctuate according to OPEC and the market values all the time and it’s the general public who has to suffer. The price of crude oil has moved up to $55.

Due to taxation

Another reason is the growing taxes which are being the cause in the rising prices. Government is putting more taxes on the pumps and gas station owners which is directly affecting the gas prices. Also for the wages of the staff, the pump management has to adjust the prices accordingly.

Low fuel reserves

The state is said to be low on fuel stockpiles due to exports and seasonal maintenance. The Northeast is most affected since the reserves are at the lowest there and people are suffering because of lack of fuel reserves. The maintenance is said to limit the gasoline production which will directly affect the demand and the prices.

Due to Spring Blend

With spring break already here and summer vacation ahead there is a high demand for fuel for traveling and from drivers. Since tourism is said to be at the peak and traveling will be at its highest. Also, the nation is set to be switched to summer-blend gasoline which is more expensive as it is more refined and is not easily accessible. This switch is said to take place on 1st May 2019.

These prices will continue to rise, according to the analyst, due to less and shrinking fuel, oil and gasoline stocks.

Residents and drivers are disappointed and frustrated due to the fact that summers are the time when traveling are at its peak and tourist all flock to the state. They are even lodging complains and finding alternatives for making their lives easier.

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