Philadelphia international airport

Philadelphia international airport

The great Philadelphia international airport or PHL is nowadays the major airport that serves the 7th largest metropolitan area in the region of the United States. Back in the 1940s, the airport was used by just 14000 passengers but now every year the airport is utilized by more than 31 million travelers, who travel from this airport. The airport is located almost seven miles from downtown Philadelphia and the airport can be easily accessed by using any kind of transport. You can use the Philadelphia airport transportation to reach there. If you are living in New Jersey or the area near it then a good option for you is to hire a car service to Philadelphia airport from New Jersey, if you are not comfortable that way, then hiring the Philly airport limo is the best option for you to get to the airport. The Philadelphia international airport operates approximately 81000 passengers daily. According to a 2018 study it operates 26 major airlines and also serves as a hub for Frontier airlines. To more than 140 destinations the airport offers more than 500 daily departures.

The giant airport is stretched over an area of approximately 2583 acres and provides easy access to many tourist sites, cultural hubs, restaurants and hotels, and business centers. The airport does not sustain local tax dollars and is self-sustaining. The airport is currently the largest economic engine in the area and it generates almost $15. Billion to the economy and is a place that employs 96000 people annually. The airport is also well known for its excellent transportation links, the two interstates I-95 and I-76 and route 291 also pass through the airport. The Philadelphia international airport provides a parking space for more than 20,000 vehicles on the ground. The parking lots are located on the opposite sides of terminals and are at short distances. If you are a budget conscious person then there is a parking lot outside the airport and you can get there by a convenient shuttle service.

A short history of the airport

In 1927 the first airplane landed at the airport 1927, back then the airport had only one runway. At the end of the 1930s, some sort of construction work was done in the airport and in 1940 the airport achieved the status of national airport. Five years after this first international airplane landed over here and the airport was named the Philadelphia international airport. In the year 1953, some more improvement was done to the airport and a terminal was added, then in the following year’s airport was improved as the expansion was done with time to accommodate the growing number of passengers. The airport offers different facilities such as free internet connection and a fun and gaming zone for kids so that they do not get bored. It not just provides enjoyment facilities to kids but also the young passengers and they can discover interesting and amazing facts about aviation over here. The Philadelphia international airport offers around one hundred and fifty fashion stores, shops, restaurants, and bars where you can roam around and have world-class delicious and mouthwatering foods.

Airlines operated from the airport

The airport serves as a hub for frontier airlines. And the list of airlines that operate at the airport includes American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, Alaska, and a few other airlines. The most popular destinations from the airport are Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, and Chicago, San Juan, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Boston, and a few others. American Airlines has an important network of different flights from the region of Philadelphia to Europe and the Caribbean. Qatar Airways is the only airline currently operating non-stop from Philadelphia to the Middle–East. The longest flight being operated from the Philadelphia international airport is a 6774 mile or 10. 902 km long route to Doha. Operated by Qatar Airways this flight takes approximately 12 hours and thirty-five minutes to reach the destination.

Terminals of airport

The Philadelphia international airport consists of about seven terminals and they are A-west, A-East, B, C, D, E, and F. All the terminals are connected in a line so that the passengers can easily walk from the terminal A-west to the F terminal if they need to travel in case. All the terminals are designed in a manner so that they can be accessed from the road to the pick and drop and other kinds of transportation. The purpose of all these terminals is to ensure a good flow of passenger traffic.

Terminal A-west

This terminal has 13 gates which are numbered A14-A26 and are situated on the second level. Level 3 which is the international arrivals area is shared with the A-east terminal. The Terminal A-west operates a few domestic flights but it’s a major terminal for international airlines such as American Airlines, British Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Terminal A-east

The terminal has almost 11 gates which are numbers A2-A24 and also A6-A13 along with a few shops, cafes, and restaurants. There is an American Airlines Admirals club near gate A4.

Terminals B and C

Terminals B and C are for the operation of domestic and international flights and the American Airlines is the sole occupant of these terminals. The second concourse B has 15 gates and they are numbered s B1-B11 and B13-B16. The C concourse also comprises 15 gates and they are numbered C17-C31.

Terminal D

The flights that operate from this terminal go to the United States and Canada. It has almost sixteen gates and they are numbered D1-D16 along with a variety of cafes.

Terminal E

The airlines such as Frontier and JetBlue operate from here and it has seventeen gates and they are numbered from E1-E7. There are a wide range of restaurants too.

Terminal F

This terminal has approximately 39 gates and they are numbered F1-F39. This has one security check post and also two concourses. In addition to this, there are many café, restaurants, and shops located in this terminal for refreshment.

How to select the most ideal wedding car for your special day

For all of us, our Wedding day is extremely special, this day contains huge importance for all of us and is a major event in our lives. On a Wedding day, you have to plan many things, organize different events, and do multiple tasks efficiently. All of us want our wedding day to be perfect and we want to enjoy it fully but at the same time, we are very worried about many important things without which the preparations are just incomplete. We desire that the wedding should be perfect and an enjoyable event but at the same time we are worried about the fact that all the events should be managed perfectly. The dress that the bride and groom would wear, the wedding cake, the wedding destination, and the list of guests are the important things that need to be smooth. If all these things are planned perfectly then we would be able to avoid inconvenience.

The most important thing in addition to all this is the wedding transportation, we need to take special care of it and its better to book it on time. Wedding cars and wedding transportation come in different varieties, so you can have the vehicle of your own choice, for example, you can hire a limo for a wedding which includes first-class limousine service, a big party bus, or a vintage Rolls Royce. Limo rentals include many types of vehicles for you according to your style, theme, and budget. If the destination of your wedding is near to your home then it’s fine but if it is far away then you must transport the guest to the place especially the older people. And for this purpose, you have to hire good wedding transportation which can accommodate them easily. The selection of the wedding car for our big and special day is also very important and this article will provide you some tips on choosing the most amazing wedding car.

Do early booking

All the companies that provide transportation have their vehicles booked for the upcoming events. The best wedding transportation companies have a long list of bookings and their vehicles are always busy. So you need to make an early booking if you want to avail the best wedding transportation for your big day, this will help you to avoid inconvenience in the future. The most ideal case is to book the wedding transportation or wedding car six or four months early. In addition to this if you book early before the time you can get the vehicle of your choice such as Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, or BMW, at a very reasonable price. If you book at the last moment you will be given the vehicle that is available and you will be charged more than the normal price. April, May, and June are the months in which many other events such as prom parties occur so the vehicles are not free so if the wedding is at this time then book as early as you can. In addition to this remember that the vehicles are busy during national holidays so manage your schedule according to that.

Consider the options

The type of car you choose depends on your personality and taste. You can book that according to the theme of the wedding destination too. The plenty of options available to you also include vintage cars, if you are planning something nostalgic and classic. The vintage cars from the 40s and 70s are restored to maintain their timeless appeal. If you want adequate space and luxury then you can go for the modern luxury vehicles, or if you want to make a different entry then try the supercharged sports car, the choices include a bright yellow Lamborghini and a dashing blood-red Ferrari. You can also choose family-size vehicles for your wedding if you want to party with your family while traveling. But make sure that you decorate the car that you hire and make it look fabulous. Nowadays the couples are preferring vintage cars to symbolize elegance, style, and sophistication.


When it’s about the wedding no one likes to discuss the prices but this is an important thing to avoid any awkward situation later. The prices of the wedding transportation vary from one to the other. They depend on the type of vehicle you hire, the length you have to travel and the number of vehicles you would be using that day. Like any other thing on your wedding day, plan out a budget for transport as well and try not to overburden yourself by spending more than required. If you are aiming to keep the budget in control then it is recommended to hire wedding transportation for you and your partner and also your parents, because they have to play a major role in the event. Instead of hiring multiple vehicles, you can also plan multiple trips on a single-vehicle. But the most important thing is to deposit money before time and book your favorite vehicle, otherwise, you may miss out going to the ceremony is a dream vehicle.

Wedding dress friendly

If you sit in the car and your wedding dress gets spoiled then that would be the most heartbreaking moment for the bride, because it’s a big day and an important event in her life. so the wedding transportation must be hired by keeping the bride’s dress in your mind, make sure that it does not get damaged due to insufficient space. If the bride is wearing a large framed dress, having a long train, or heavy work then you need to hire a car of the suitable size to ensure that she is having a comfortable and relaxing ride. The car should provide a spacious interior and enough room for occupying large wedding dresses. In addition to occupying a wedding dress make sure that the vehicle you hired provides enough space for the people who will be going with the bride to the wedding destination, for example, the bride’s mother or her sister. The car should provide ample room to the people who are with the bride.

Top golf courses near Philadelphia that you can visit with your car service

Philadelphia is a city that needs no introduction, it is a city of great history. The eye-catching and mesmerizing sites like The liberty bell, the Franklin Institute, Independence Hall, the Philadelphia zoo, valley Forge Historic national park, and the Philadelphia museum of arts have been entertaining visitors for generations. Philadelphia came into being in 1682 and is now the sixth-largest city in the United States by area and 5th largest city in terms of population. A sports lover can experience all the sports like hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and golf within the city. Philadelphia is a city with some famous golf clubs in and around it and the weather in Philadelphia is favorable and allows you to play golf until it gets windy sometimes. You can travel to these well-known golf courses by hiring a golf course transportation. If you are coming from New Jersey then you need to get a limo from NJ to Philadelphia or hire the south jersey limo services. This article will be telling you about the top golf courses that you need to visit at least once for getting the truly amazing and mesmerizing experience.

Walnut lane golf course

It is located in Wissahickon valley park and was first opened in 1940. Renowned golf architect, Alexander Findlay designed the walnut lane golf club and this is one of the most classic courses designed till now. This extensive golf course is stretched wide up to 4509 yards, it has 18-hones and 63 par executive length courses. The unique feature of this course is that the holes are cleverly tucked away in the valley and the hills. For shot-makers this course is an ideal place, it is beautiful, peaceful, and picturesque but at the same time, it is a challenging golf course. If you want to improve your striking game then this is an ideal place for you because it has the best chip and putting areas. The greenery is well maintained inside the golf course, to give you a peaceful feeling and pleasure.

Juniata golf course

The golf course is an 18-hole golf course in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The course covers a huge area up to 5275 yards from the longest tees for a par of almost 66. The Juniata golf course has a course rating of 64.8 and the slope rating is 109. The golf course was designed by the genius Edmund B. Ault and it was opened in 1965. The executive director of the golf course is Bob Wheeler, he manages this course nowadays. The course offers amazing and breathtaking views and is a challenging place for many golfers even those who are very skilled. The fairways are kept well-groomed and green, and they keep the course friendly and challenging for the players. In addition to this, the staff employed over there also give you tips and tricks to improve your game.

The union league golf course at Torresdale

The golf course is located at 3801 Grant Avenue Philadelphia, United States. The magnificent course was designed by the famous architect, Donald Ross and it was in operation since 1921, but afterward, some kind of renovation was done in 2014 by another architect Stephen Kay. The course is stretched over a wide area of about 6609 yards and has a par of 70. The slope of the golf course is 141 and the course rating is 72.8. The restoration was done because due to some reasons the course design and shape was decaying and the last event held there before restoration was in the year 2006. Several million dollars were invested in restoring the structure of the golf course and that is why the mastermind Stephen Kay was praised by the golf world for his efforts in redesigning and restoring this site.

Bala golf course

The Bala golf course is located at 2200 Belmont Avenue Philadelphia, United States. This is an 18-hole golf course and is widely stretched over an area of 5430 yards, with a par of 68. The rating of the Bala golf course is 65.9 and the slope rating of the course is almost 122. The slope was designed by William S. Flynn and was opened in 1900. The golf professional Christopher Barletta manages the golf course nowadays. This is a private course and the membership of the course is limited to 150 men and 145 women at a time. The course is green and gives an amazing effect to eyes and soothes your mind. In addition to this, the food served over here is delicious. Once this place got approval for 1.2 million dollars for renovation. The place is spacious and open and provides the visitors a facility for hosting corporate meetings, galas, wedding celebrations, and anniversaries.

Cobbs Creek golf club

This is a crown jewel of the city’s public golf options and is an old golf course. It is old and so it is subjected to some kind of renovation and redesigning nowadays. But it is still a great place to play around. It is located in the Overbrook section of the region of west Philadelphia and it features two courses having 18 holes. The courses are named Olde course and Karakung course. The course was opened back in the year 1916 and was designed by the genius Hugh Wilson. Back then it was the top golf course, it is also famous in the modern times but due to some kind of damage to its design the course needs to be restored and the process is in progress.

Aronimink golf course

The course is a private platinum gold course that is located outside of Philadelphia in Newtown Square Pennsylvania. This area has a rich dating history and traces back to 1896. In 1926 this course was redesigned by Donald Ross who was commissioned for the job. In May 1928 the renovation was completed. The golf course is a site for many championships and is constantly rated among the country’s top golf courses. Another renovation to the course was done in 2003 by the genius Ron Prichard. It has a course rating of 75.5.

How to choose the right limo service provider

If you are a vehicle owner then you can do important tasks of traveling such as business meetings or holiday planning by using your vehicle. But if you do not own a vehicle or you are out of the city then you need to have something for traveling and the best option for you is hiring a limo service. Limo services are for those people who like to travel in luxury and style. Using the services of a trusted limousine service is an amazing way to arrange transport for special events that are important to you. Whether it’s for your big day, a prom night, or a corporate event, finding a good limo service can be very tricky. While hiring a wedding limo service and limo for a business meeting special care is required.

If I had to travel somewhere I would hire a limo service near me because it would be the most convenient and reliable option. But if you are living in or around New Jersey then you should hire limo rentals NJ or limo service Central Jersey for the best and convenient journey. And there are so many companies that provide limo service then it becomes even more difficult to choose the right limo service provider. The popularity of limo services has increased in the past few years and now many companies offer this service because people find it comfortable and luxurious. You must dig down deep to get information about the features and benefits offered by each limousine service before investing your money. With several options available it may seem overwhelming but just considering a few things can lead you to the best limo service available. So some important things that you should consider before hiring a limo are.


This is an important thing whenever you are renting a limo service. You need to compare the prices of various limo service providers in a particular area before choosing one of them. In addition to this, you need to check what services are they providing in that price range. Make sure that there are no hidden costs involved to avoid any inconvenience. The comparison between prices helps you to hire the best service in an affordable range. The prices are of wide range and entirely based on the package that you select, the services available at that price, and the type of vehicle you will be hiring. Some limousine services will charge you for the whole trip while the other will charge you hourly, so make this confirm. Any package that you hire should fit your budget. So confirming the prices earlier is good instead of bargaining at the end.

Fleet size

Do good research about the fleet size of the limo company you are hiring. The number of cars owned by the company does not reflect the level of service they provide but it will give you some information about the company that may help you to decide whether you should hire the service or not. For example, small and new companies mostly offer personalized service and their focus is generally one type of service such as airport limo or wedding limo services. The medium-sized companies have more vehicles that offer multiple services at a time such as airport transportation, limo for a prom night, and a few more. While the big limousine companies offer a large variety of services including transportation for a corporate event and they also have a variety of vehicles such as a town, cars, stretch limos, or big party coaches. Since there are many limos and they are used for multiple purposes so if you are choosing a limo service, it is good to enquire whether the vehicle you like is a part of the company’s fleet or not. If the vehicle is not available then you can hire another limo service.

Information about chauffeur

Make sure that the limo company you hire should provide well-experienced chauffeurs. They spend years mastering the driving skill. To the professional chauffeurs, driving is just more than a job, it’s a passion and a career. Make sure that the chauffeurs of a limo company you are hiring should have a good record and are reliable. A responsible car service will never hire chauffeurs who are not experienced because chauffeurs are the major pillar for the reputation of a company. Hiring a well-experienced chauffeur can give you many benefits such as you don’t have to worry about finding a way on the new roads of the city. The chauffeur is well aware of the heavy traffic hours, all the roads of the city and the shortest route that will lead to your destination. in addition to this the chauffeur will pick you up and drop you off at the place of your choice, you just have to mention the place that you want to go, and you would not wait for his arrival. Because the well-experienced and professional chauffeur is always on time and he will make sure that he takes you to your wedding, prom night, or business meeting exactly on time without any delay.

Safety and security

Well, this might sound a little funny to you but safety is the most important concern for all of us if we are traveling somewhere for the first time. So before hiring a limousine service you need to ensure that the company you are hiring has a valid certification and reliable insurance. You must check the insurance policy of some limo service providers. This means that you should hire a limousine service that offers every kind of insurance in case of any damage, emergency, or accident. If the company does not offer such kind of commercial insurance then it’s better to avoid taking the services of such a company, otherwise, in case of any accidental damage or emergency, you would have to fill all the fines and charges related to the maintenance of the vehicle again. You should also note and study that what kind of training is given to their chauffeurs and are the vehicles clean, hygienic, and maintained properly or not.

How can limo rentals eliminate prom-related stress?

When the spring season approaches it means flowers, nice fragrances, great weather, and the end of school, but in addition to all this season indicates that it’s time for a prom! Prom or promenade is planned to give the high school graduating seniors farewell, manners, and respect. The trend is not so new, because it started in the late 1800s, back then the prom used to be a simple party and was meant for courtesy to the graduating seniors. But nowadays the prom is an important event that is done in all the schools around the United States and other areas. In addition to giving courtesy to the seniors, prom nowadays is lavish parties, which involve fancy dresses, well-fitted tuxedos, dance, music, dates, food, and enjoyment. From decorations decked in glitter to enthusiastic dancing, prom is an important night in the life of teenagers. The proms are usually held in the spring season in April and May and this is the event for which all of us have been preparing since the start of the year.

In addition to dresses and shoes, something that is very important for our safety and security is a mode of good transport because this is a late-night event and transport is a major issue if you don’t have your vehicle or you have not rented one. In this case, renting a limo is the best option for you, because it gives you safety and a stress-free journey in style. Prom limo is common nowadays and if you are traveling in a group then rent a party bus for yourself and the group. I also hired a limo service near me on my prom and if you are living in New Jersey then you can have limo rentals in NJ. The prom limo service ensures that you get the best service and journey. So if you want to step out of the luxury classic black limousine like a Hollywood star then this is the best option for you. Limousines create a wonderful impression which will be discussed and remembered by your friends and classmates even after the event ends. Below in this articles, there are a few convincing reasons that why you should hire a prom limo to eliminate the prom related stress.

Parents will worry less

Parents are all concerned about their kids especially the teenage kids. Then the level of stress increases to a greater level if you are out during the nighttime. And on a prom night, parents have many reasons to get worried and the major one of those reasons is their child’s safety. So if you hire a prom limo service or rent a party bus from a reputed limo service provider then the level of stress lowers, because they know that their kid is in safe hands. The parents are sure that good limo service will provide safety to their kid in the presence of a well-experienced and professional driver. By hiring a prom limo service you do not have to roam around in the streets for searching for a vehicle to drop you home late at night. Your limo would be waiting for you while you would be enjoying yourself with your friends. When you rent a party bus or a prom limo, this gives your parents peace of mind.

You are stress-free

The main thing you worry about the prom is whether you will be there on time or not. Because it’s normal to get late while dressing up for such a fancy evening and then when you start your journey, many traffic problems come in your way. If you rent a party bus or prom limo you don’t have to worry about the timing issue because the vehicle would be present at your doorstep, all you have to do is wear a good dress and get good shoes and sit in the car. The well-experienced and professional chauffeur who is well aware of all the roads and routes to your destination will take you to the event exactly on time. The dress you are wearing will be perfectly maintained because you won’t have to move from one place to another or drive, and this will impress your friends and classmates a lot.

Extend your evening

If the prom night ends then that does not mean that the fun and enjoyment have ended. In many cases, the teenagers arrange an after-party for enjoying themselves or some other memorable event like hanging out with more friends, going for a drive or eating some ice cream. No matter whatever you choose to do, the limousine driver will take you to the destination of your choice. The best reason for getting a prom limo for yourself is the level of convenience it offers you. When you hire a limo that makes sense because the drives are well aware of the area and routes. The driver will ensure to drop you home safely and at the time of your choice. If you or your friends are high in alcohol then this becomes even more important because no one can drive with alcohol, and even if someone attempts to drive then there are ninety percent chances that they will meet an accident. In the case of limousine, you don’t face such problems because the driver is not an alcoholic at all.

Traveling in groups

All the reputable prom limo services offer you a variety of vehicles for going to the prom, for instance, if you want to travel alone you can hire a first-class black limousine or if you want to travel with friends then you can rent a party limo. Get yourself a group of friends so that you are not struck off by other people at the end time, you and your friends can enjoy yourself in the party bus while going to the event because you will be traveling free of stress. Traveling with a group of friends can allow you to have drinks, food and other enjoyments. The space available in the limo party bus is enough to accommodate the heavy gowns and dresses of the females.

How to stay safe when using a taxi service

Traveling is now an important part of our lives. It can be for a holiday planned with family or for a business trip. Taxis are the most important and convenient method to travel. If you have a personal vehicle then you can travel easily from one point to another, but if someone does not have a car then he has to use public transport like a bus or taxi. Since traffic nowadays is a major problem especially in big cities, so people are getting more attracted to the use of public transport. Taxi service is a popular means of transportation since the 1880s. But due to some recent incidents of theft, and other crimes and abuses involving nasty taxi drivers, taxi service is not considered a safe option. So in this situation if you want to use a taxi service then few questions must be clicking in your mind, such as, is the taxi service reliable, does it provide a secure journey and does it, employees, professional staff or not.

I had to use a taxi service for personal or business service. I would hire the most reputable taxi cab near me because reputation is the primary thing you should consider while hiring a taxi. If you live somewhere around New Jersey then the best option for you is to hire a taxi in Toms River NJ. Here you would get the most reliable, experienced, and professional staff and tax service. Out of so many taxi services you would go for that one which promises you a safe journey. A few tips to stay safe while using a taxi service are given below, all these will help you to avoid any awkward situation in future

Tell a local friend to arrange a taxi

Waving a random taxi on the road may prove harmful for you because taxis standing at the roadside are not reliable and secure. So if your friend or colleague can arrange a taxi service for you then no need to get a random taxi. A friend of yours who lives in a specific area has good knowledge about everything related to that area including the taxi services and is well informed about the local scams or recent incidents. So he or she will arrange for you a trusted taxi service used by him or others. If you do not have a friend or colleague living abroad then you can ask the people around you and seek their help in getting a reliable taxi service. In this way, you would get a better idea of what’s going on around you and you would not be overcharged for going from one place to another

Confirm the price

Before hiring a taxi, and starting your journey make sure that you finalize negotiations for the journey with the driver. In this way you and the driver, both would not face any inconvenience on a later basis. In most cases when the journey ends up some drivers will charge you more for the journey and when you offer them less than the drivers may get violent or aggressive, all this can put you at a risk. In many cases the random taxi drivers are searching for a foreigner who has never been to the city or is new at the place, the traveler has no idea about the proper amount of money they should be charged. This is a golden chance for the taxi drivers to earn money so they go to the customers and offer them a ride, and charge them more than the actual amount. An efficient way to avoid this method is that you can use taxi applications like Uber that allow the passenger to find out the amount of money he should be charged for the trip. During the journey, if you face a situation like bad weather or heavy traffic then your Uber application would show a little more amount you need to pay

Track your route

This is an important thing that everyone should keep in mind. Don’t travel like a lost traveler and before traveling or going somewhere, especially in a new city, make sure that at least you have a basic idea of the direction you are traveling in. so this simply means that the taxi should only act as a means of transportation and not as a means of guiding you towards your destination. If you are unaware then ask someone or use a Google map to get a rough idea of the road that leads towards your destination. No matter if you hire a trusted taxi service, but if you don’t know where you are going then this is a recipe for disaster. So tracking routes by using your phone or tablet is recommended. Also, make sure that the driver is aware of the fact that you are tracking the route. Make sure that the driver is following the correct route, if not then interrupt him and you can even stop him or refuse to pay him to incase if the situation gets worse. So travel with your eyes and mind open and focus on the direction and the route.

Don’t share the ride with an unknown person

If you are not traveling with family, the only person that needs to be present inside the taxi should be your driver, who is offering you the service. Do not share the ride or your taxi with someone else especially an unknown. No matter if the person is going to the same place to which you are going. You have paid a decent amount of money for the cab service, so it should only drop you off at the desired location. If the diver says you to share a taxi and that he will take you to your place at half price, then there is no need to agree with him. There are chances that the person you have to share the cab with, might be a criminal or a thief running away or seeking a companion to save himself, so if he gets caught then you will also face a big problem. In addition to this, there are chances that he might rob you and steal all your belongings, so be careful with this thing

Special occasions that go well with limo services

A limo or a limousine is a classic thing that is owned by wealthy people. Having a limousine is considered a symbol of wealth, luxury, and elegance. These long vehicles come with great amenities like entertainment systems, minibars, books, and much more. The driver or the chauffeur that you are traveling with is highly experienced and professional. The well-dressed and well-mannered chauffeur will enhance your idea of traveling in luxury. They are mostly bilingual so that you can travel conveniently. The vehicles offered by all the limo companies are highly maintained, hygienic and clean. After every ride, the vehicles are cleaned and sanitized for customer safety. The purpose of all the amenities in this long vehicle is to provide their passengers comfortable ride in style and elegance. There are many private limo services and I prefer the limo near me, whenever I have to travel somewhere. Some of the classy limo services include the ocean county limo service and the limo to NYC. If you live in New York City or somewhere around then you should consider using the latter one. Limousines are the vehicles that are a perfect fit for going to almost any occasion. All days are special days but some events need special attention, and so the arrangements for those events must be special. Some events for which you need to hire a limousine are below in this list, the purpose of all the limo services is that you should travel in class and comfort, no matter what is your destination.

Prom parties

Prom or promenade is a lavish party that is given to the students or the graduating seniors. In the United States, this trend was started in the 1800s the main aim was to promote courtesy and manners in the graduating batch. Nowadays the prom night is a very normal thing in colleges where high school seniors dance and wear fancy clothes. This an important, lavish, extravagant, and notable event of a high school. This event is of major importance because the seniors are just about to leave school. To make your evening grand and stylish, you must get to the evening in style. You should get a fancy dress, a well-fit tuxedo, and nice shoes, and outclass makeup. In addition to this, you should hire a limo service for your special night. If you want to arrive in true Hollywood style at your party, you need to hire a first-class limo for yourself.


For all of us, the Wedding day is a big day in our life. We need to organize multiple things and all things needed on a wedding day need planning and re-planning, organizing different things, and multiple events. Some important events are the dress you would wear, the wedding cake, the destination of your wedding, the guests to be invited and much more. The most important thing is the wedding transportation. Wedding transport needs to be on time, so we should book it in advance. And a limousine is the best option for attending a wedding. There are different types of transport you can have for a wedding for example you can have a first-class limousine service, a big party bus, or a vintage Rolls Royce. You don’t need to hire wedding transportation for guests but if you want their safety you can hire a party bus for all of them, this especially becomes important if your wedding venue is far away.

Business traveling

In the business world impression is an important thing, so if you want to impress or win over an important client you should not ignore a simple or minor detail. The details include things such as your dressing, style, and the way you meet and greet the client. In the corporate sector, traveling has become an important thing. By hiring a limo service you can make your life much easier if you are a businessman. Hiring a limo will add style to your arrival, this will be beneficial to impress the client or other people such as your business partner. In today’s world of business affairs, style, time, and image are crucial for success. So simply hire a limo for your next business meeting. The limousine service is very efficient and always on time, and this punctuality of yours will impress the people around you a lot. So if you reach the meeting place first then your clients will also follow the same punctual habit to reach on time. Hence you will be able to make good business deals.


Traveling is a major part of our lives now. You may travel with family for a holiday trip and you may also travel alone for a business meeting. You have to go to the airport from your home. And hiring a car service such as a limo is an important part of that. You can use your vehicle but that is not recommended especially if you are new in a city. A major reason for this is that you are not aware of the city traffic, the roads, and the shortest routes that will take you to your destination. So if you hire a limo you can have a stress-free journey with comfort because along with a luxurious first-class car you also have a well-experienced chauffeur who will allow you to sit in the back seat and chill. The driver will take you to the desired place on time and will pick you up also. He knows the heavy traffic hours and the shortest routes.

Bachelor party

If you are giving a bachelor party to your friend who is going to get married soon, then book a good place for throwing the party. And for making it more luxurious, hire a limousine service for pick and drop. This would make it a memorable night for your friend. No matter what kind of celebrations you are planning for that night, including a limo is a must. The limo driver can transport you, your family and friends to any place you want, any time during the night

Top 5 bachelor party destinations in New York City

New York is the city of iconic attractions that never sleeps. Shopping malls, food, fun, amusement, and much more are offered to you by the great New York City. The city carries life and a wild spirit in it. In addition to all this New York is the best place for bachelor parties. If you are giving a bachelor party to your friend then planning it in New York is the best option, the groom will experience a night that he will never forget.

The greatness of New York City is that it offers every kind of entertainment on a classy level. If you want a different experience at a Bachelor party then New York should be your choice. Wonderful nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and magnificent skyline, New York offer memorable day and nighttime celebrations of bachelorhood. If you are concerned about the pick and drop then don’t worry because NYC limo service is always there for you. You can also have a limo from NJ to New York City. If you are a resident of New Jersey then you can opt for a Party bus rentals jersey shore or any other preferred limo service in NJ. After all these things the major thing of primary importance is the location or destination where you would be planning the bachelor party. So the top five bachelor party destination in New York are

The press lounge

The press lounge in New York City offers some of the City’s wonderful, beautiful and dramatic panoramic views. The place has a nice collection of classic cocktails and a non-ending wine list. Located almost 16 stories above the PRINT restaurant, it is one of the best rooftop destinations in New York that offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. The place can accommodate almost a hundred guests at a time, and this makes it one of the largest sky lounges in New York City. The lounge is open all year round but is sometimes booked for some private events so you need to check the availability before coming here to avoid any inconvenience in the future. You can enjoy the best food of your choice in the lounge. And if you ever get a chance to visit in day time then the sunsets are something which you should not miss

The spot karaoke lounge

The spot karaoke lounge is located in the heart of midtown in Manhattan. This is a space for many events and also a karaoke lounge. The place mainly focuses on offering the most brilliant and unique karaoke experience in New York City. The spot karaoke lounge has big private rooms and in addition to this, it also has an open lounge area. Space is often rented for special events and is a popular and well-known spot for shooting during TV and movie production. The spot offers a full bar and on-site catering services. Planning a bachelor party here would give you an unforgettable experience. The main event space over here is for two hundred people and the VIP chamber can accommodate almost 40 people at a time

Spyglass rooftop bar

Spyglass rooftop bar is available any time during the year for events and private functions. It is an ideal place for receptions, launching any brand, a social gathering, or a holiday event. If you book in summers, the season is warm so the windows here retract and hence open the barroom to something like an outdoor terrace. It is located on the 22nd floor of the magnificent Archer hotel and your guests will enjoy the truly mesmerizing and breathtaking views of the Empire State building from the 22nd story building. You can have a variety of food, snacks, and drinks over here. The alcohol is provided free over here. The sitting capacity here is for 15 people while it can accommodate a total of 130 people. It has hosted big events since the year 2014 and consists of indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want to smoke, the areas for that are designated also. In addition to this, street parking is available which will help you to park vehicles in a safe zone without any worries.


Another option for throwing or hosting a bachelor party is the Wolfgang. This well-known restaurant in New York was opened by Chef Wolfgang and is located at the four seasons hotel New York Downtown. It offers a wide range of appetizing meals where the local people come to eat food and drink wine regularly. While the visitors also come here to immerse themselves in the best culinary sense of the restaurant. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, and breakfast in an intimate, cool, and elegant atmosphere. On Sunday the place offers brunches too. It features a bar, lounge, dining room, and wonderful window views overlooking the busy streets of Manhattan. It consists of private dining rooms where there is a space for thirty-two people. The bar also offers a seat for thirty-two people whereas the dining room has a capacity of around eighty-two people. The restaurant serves fresh food cooked at that time and served hot

Strip house

If you think you are the only one to love the strip house then you are wrong. This is the favorite place of local people and visitors for dining, organizing events, and doing parties. A few years back the New York Times gave it two stars. The steaks made over here are mouthwatering. And are surrounded by goose fat potatoes and creamy spinach, to make us happy. Since this is a busy place so you might have to wait to dine over here so it’s a good option to do a booking. The place also contains a full-time bar to serve you the rinks of your choice. You must save room for eating the famous 24-layer chocolate cake served over here. The restaurant is open all weekdays and has the best and professional staff to serve you in the best way possible

Top tips for girls to enjoy a memorable prom night

The prom is something that teenagers wait years for. Some high schools do not throw prom parties but others consider it as a major tradition. It’s a major event in the life of a student because he or she will be remembered with good words by the juniors after that. The trend of prom or promenade began in the late 1880s which was purely intended to give respect and courtesy to the graduating batch or the graduating high school seniors.

Now a day’s prom parties are fancy parties that consist of dances, performances, beautiful fancy dresses, mouthwatering food and so much more. The parties mostly happen during May or June. Planning for prom is very important and if you are a girl then it becomes even more important because you need to look good and different. If your prom is arriving soon then this list contains a few things that you should do to make it a wonderful experience. A good prom will leave many positive memories and a long-lasting impression on your mind.


don’t wait for others to ask you to join their group because at the end you will be left while all others will attend the party. Get your group quickly together and enjoy yourselves. In this way, you people will be very comfortable with each other. You can enjoy and party while going to the party place. You won’t be having any kind of fear that you will be kicked out of the group. Another important thing is booking transportation. It is recommended to book your transport as early as possible because, in the end, you won’t get a vehicle of your choice.

You can get a limo for prom, for instance, you can have a first-class limo service. If you are somewhere around ocean county then it is recommended to book the best limo service in ocean county as soon as possible. Arriving in a prom limousine would make your impression more powerful. How brilliant it sounds that you are noticed by all the people while stepping out of a black first-class prom limousine. This is something that will be discussed among your classmates even after the event ends. In addition to arriving in style hiring a limo for prom makes you stress-free because you have a friendly driver to pick you up and drop you off at the desired location. So you and your parents won’t worry even if you come home late at night. Safety is the primary concern of parents and if you hire a reputable limo for prom then your parents won’t be stressed 

Buy a nice prom dress

This is the part where every girl faces a problem. For a lot of girls who attend the prom, this is a situation of life and death. Dress is the first thing observed by the people when you enter any place and it casts the first impression. To look perfect you need to get a dress that fits you. No matter how expensive the dress is or from what brand it is, if it does not fit you, then there is no point in wearing it.

A loosely fit dress will never. So to get a dress with a perfect fit, get yourself a measuring tape, and first of all measure your bust, shoulder-length, waistline, arm length, and other necessary things needed. To avoid roaming around and getting yourself tired in a shopping mall you may order a dress online too. You can go for a bandage dress or a bodycon, only if it suits your figure, otherwise, long gowns and maxi dresses are the best options. They would give you a regal appeal. Before getting any dress for yourself do consider the shape of your body and then go for the dress selection. A perfect style can save your evening and can make you look beautiful

Get matching shoes

You cannot wear sports shoes with a fancy gown. Or you would never choose to wear long boots with a long maxi if you don’t want to spoil your look. In general pumps or stilettos are considered a good option when it comes to shoes but since you are strong, stylish, young, and energetic so you should go for something trendy and classy. It will enable you to show off your youth and carefreeness not only in the dress but also in the shoes you are wearing. You can go for dotted white sandals, platform sandals, strappy heels, open-toe heels, quirky pumps, or wedge heels also. This will complete your first impression.

Keep the makeup game strong

Many girls watch tons of makeup tutorial videos on YouTube before the prom night is approaching, while others are going crazy and start doing makeup many days before the prom, obviously practice makes a man perfect. While many others save money for the prom night by cutting off all their expenses, to get good makeup from an expensive salon. No doubt that good makeup can make or spoil your look for this reason it needs to be up to the mark.

Make sure that your teeth are white and look shiny and bright, this is of extreme importance especially if you are wearing red lipstick in the evening. In addition to this, you need to glow and shine in the evening, for this purpose apply a little amount of lotion with a shimmery tint. This will make you look gorgeous like a Hollywood superstar arriving at her film premiere. Eyebrows are a prominent feature of our face so make sure that your eyebrows are always on fleek. Apply a good eyeshadow on your eyes and also put some concealer under them to make them stay longer. When it comes to lips, get a classy matte lip in red color or the glossy lips would also look good but again that depends on what you are wearing, match your lipstick with that. Last but not the least, get a perfectly winged eyeliner and slay.

Newark liberty international airport (EWR)

The renowned Newark international airport is lying on the boundary located between Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey. This place belongs to Newark city and all the things and happenings over here are controlled by the port authority of Newark and New Jersey. The airport started operating on 1st October 1928 as a major and most prominent airport in the metropolitan area and within no time it gained the position of the world’s busiest airports operating commercial flights. Sometime earlier during the Second World War, the hold of the field was utilized for logistics operations by the US army. In the year 1970, the airport was named the Newark international airport and in the 1980s the airport had dramatic expansions. In late 1960 a monorail system was developed to join together and interlink all three terminals, the parking lots and rental car facilities. You can go to the airport by hiring different car services for convenience if you don’t have a personal vehicle. You can hire an EWR limo or Newark airport car service. Cheap car service to EWR is also available but if you want a stress-free service then you should go for the best car service around Newark airport, to ensure a safe ride.

Back in the year 2017 Newark airport was considered the sixth busiest airport in the United States, keeping in mind the traffic and arrival of international passengers. In addition to this in the year 2019, the airport bagged the position of being the 43rd busiest airport around the globe, at that time it processed approximately 46.34 million passengers. The world-famous airport provides flights to almost 185 domestic and international destinations, and the list includes Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The list of some world-famous and major airlines operating at the airport include American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, Jet Blue, united airlines, and Turkish airlines. The airport serves as a center for united airlines and from this airport, the airlines operate 77 nonstop international flights daily and 330 domestic flights daily

Some facts about the airport

The airport has a colorful history and is a prominent site, as it was used for military operations during World War 2. In the year 1952 on January 22, CV-240 American airlines faced a crash while it was about to reach the runway, and as a result, 23 passengers died who were on board. In addition to this in February 1952 a national DC-6 crashed and in this accident 29 of 63 passengers were killed on board and four on the ground also. Once the airport was given a rank of 20 on the list of the world’s 20 best airports. Once on September 11, 2001, a flight of united airlines was hijacked by some terrorists. It was taken away from the airport and was observed to head towards San- Francisco, but then it was ultimately reported to crash in Pennsylvania in Somerset County. Back in the year 2018, a project of 2.7 billion dollars was started at the airport for making or developing the new terminals

Some tips for airport traveling

You must consider peak hours before traveling anywhere or from any airport, and any airlines. In the case of the Newark airport the peak hours are generally between 5 am and 11 am and between 7 pm and 9 pm. And the busiest airport days are Thursdays and Fridays. In case if you are traveling in peak hours you should take a drop-off on the side of the road that is near to the curbside of the departure terminal. Do not park on the roadways of the airport or the curbside. In case if you have to wait for some reason then you can use the cell phone lot which is just at the distance of five minutes from all the terminals of the airport. As per the airport recommendations, you need to come to the airport two hours before your domestic flights and three hours in case of an international flight. It is important to reach before time otherwise you would miss the flight. Before leaving for the airport don’t forget to have a look at the map of Newark airport terminal map.

Terminals in the airport

The Newark liberty international airport consists of three terminals and a total of one hundred and ten gates are present over there. Arranged in a semi-circular structure the terminals are named A, B, and C. If the passenger wants to go from one terminal to another he or she can use the AirTran which is a free service and available all the time for 24 hours to facilitate the passengers.

Terminal A

Terminal A of the Newark international airport is responsible for handling domestic and regional flights. Terminal A consists of three concourses and is based on four levels. The major airlines operating in this terminal include JetBlue, Air Canada Express, Alaska Airlines, American eagle, and American airlines. All these are specialized for domestic and regional flights.

Terminal B

This terminal is specialized for hosting international flights and also some domestic flights. The terminal is based on three concourses. Some international airlines such as Delta Airlines, spirit airlines, frontier airlines, allegiant airlines, sun country, delta connection, and elite airways operate in the airport to facilitate international passengers

Terminal C

This one is specified to be used by united airlines exclusively and it has three concourses

Parking in the airport

There are several parking options over here. Short-term parking is present in all the terminals at the airport. Parking for 30 minutes over here would cost you approximately 4 dollars. Here you can park a vehicle for more than 24 hours. In the daily parking, you can utilize lot P1/P3 and garage P4. From these lots, you can easily approach AirTran. Parking over here for thirty minutes would cost you 4 dollars. In the case of economy parking you can utilize the P6 lot. For parking a full day it will cost you 18 dollars. It is located at a distance of three miles from the terminal